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Who owns the website when it is completed?
The client owns the site.  The site is registered by the customer and all rights to the site and its content belong to the customer after payment in full is made for the site development and hosting.  Techniques used on website's are non exclusive and Moe Technologies reserves the right to utilize these techniques on other website's.
How do I pick a name for my site?
Use site like "www.internic.net" and Whois to research different names possibilities.
What do I do if I already have a site but it needs work?
Moe Technologies can arrange to have your site moved to a new web-hosting company.  Moe Technologies can redesign your site and post it on the new web-hosting company’s site. If you just need updates to the existing website, it can be maintained on the current web hosting server.
How much does it cost to host a website?
Hosting is available range from $120 to $360 per year depending on services provided.  Moe Technologies will work within your budget based on your needs.
How should I use the site in advertising?
Put your website address and phone number on everything—including business cards, letterhead, sides of delivery vans, front window of your store, email footers.  It should appear everywhere your company contact information appears.
What does it cost to add e-commerce?
Adding e-commerce to any website hosting by Moe Technologies is $5 per month for the rental of the shopping cart software.  This solution uses PayPal or Google Checkout for payment.  Moe Technologies can also setup e-commerce solution using WordPress software plugins.
What does it cost to get a Website Review?
Moe Technologies will do a FREE website review of your site to determine if it is search engine friendly and if your site has proper keywords, meta tags, and text.  You can request a free website analysis through our Contact Us Form.
Can the invoice be paid Online?
You can use Moe Technologies' PayPal account to pay online with either your PayPal account or by major credit card. Use www.moetec.com/paypal to access the payment screen. Enter you company name and payment amount and follow prompts.

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Can I pay month to month for hosting?
Moe Technologies invoices for website hosting one year in advance, we can accept payment in quarterly increments if special arrangements are made in advance.
Can I get refund when canceling hosting?
Moe Technologies invoices for website hosting one year in advance, refunds are not granted during the first year, after one year, upon acknowledged receipt of cancellation notice by email or letter from website owner, website hosting will cancelled at the end of the next calendar month.  Refund will be issues for the remaining months.  For security purposes, we will only accept cancellation request from the website owner.
What if I don't pay Moe Technologies invoice for website hosting by end of yearly contract?
The website hosting company will suspend the website at COB when the contract ends. A $25 charge will be assessed for restoring the website during the next 30 days, if it exceeds 30 days, the website will be removed and deleted from the web hosting server.
Will email access be effected if the website is suspended?
Yes, any emails sent to the suspended acccount will not be delivered and returned to sender as invalid email address. All emails sent before the suspension, will remain in the email accounts, but not accessible until website suspension is removed.
How can I get the website hosting restored if it get deleted from the web hosting server?
You will need to pay the current hosting fee, plus the $25 suspension charge. An estimate will be provided for restoring the website to the web hosting server, this estimated charge will need to be paid before work begins.
Will emails be keep if the website is removed and deleted?
No, all emails in the email accounts will be deleted and can not be recovered.
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